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Player Development // Coaching Club Fitting Instruction Custom Builds Swing Analysis Ball Fitting


Pursuing performance, not sales

Comprehensive swing and ball flight analysis to identify improvement opportunities. Whether it's fitting new clubs, adjusting existing equipment, or providing swing technique guidance – you want to improve, we'll show you how.

Industry leading launch monitor & camera technology

1000's of clubhead & shaft combinations

Loft & lie adjustment available in session

3D Motion and ground force analysis

Effective Coaching

Using ball flight and club delivery data from Foresight GC Quad, ground force reaction plates and high-speed video from Swing Catalyst, and 3D motion analysis from HackMotion and DeWiz sensors – your swing is analyzed with incredible detail. We then employ swing changes and drills that are designed to address the cause of technique issues, not the symptoms.


Fitting made accessible

No sticker shock.

Expert fitting, with both no-upcharge and aftermarket shaft options available.


Fast and efficient delivery

Clubs are built to your exact specifications and shipped directly to your door. Less waiting, and no unexpected delays.


The session is yours.

We apply no pressure to purchase equipment. We invite players to come in and learn more about their game even if they aren’t looking for new clubs.


Player Development Session

Designed to help you play better, whether it’s developing technique, adding new skills, or fitting new equipment. One rate, unlimited options. We believe in a truly flexible session that can consist of any combination of:

  • Club Fitting
  • Instruction / Coaching
  • 3D Motion & Force Plate Analysis
  • Ball Fitting
  • Putter Fitting
  • Loft/Lie/Yardage Gapping


Club Fitting sessions will receive a $50 credit* per hour towards club purchase on any quoted order from that session.

*Valid on quote only, non-transferrable, cannot be combined with loyalty points redemptions, expires in 90 days

Recommend Session Time

  • Instruction/Coaching – One Hour
  • “The Rundown” Assessment – Two Hours
  • Putter Fitting – One Hour
  • Driver Fitting – One Hour
  • Woods, Hybrids – One Hour
  • Iron Fitting – One Hour
  • Wedges & Ball – Complete during other session or One Hour
  • Full Bag – 3 Hours
Send us a message if you have questions regarding session length prior to booking. You will receive a pre-session questionnaire after booking where you can let us know exactly what you’re looking for.
Please contact us for custom bookings i.e. full and half day, groups, etc.



State of the Art Motion & Flight Assessment

SwingCatalyst Dual Motion Force Plates, HackMotion Wrist Sensor, DeWiz 3D Motion Sensor, High-Frame Rate Camera Analysis, Foresight GC Quad Launch Monitor


Putting Studio (Coaching/Fitting)

Putter fitting and coaching now available in our studio featuring:

  • High-speed motion capture (4 cameras)
  • Stroke and ball roll dynamic measurements
  • Hackmotion wrist and tempo metrics
  • Custom 0% slope surface
  • LAB, Odyssey, Scotty Cameron, Mizuno putters (more coming)


Shaft Fitting Process

Using 3D motion sensors to assess your force production in conjunction with our club and ball flight data – we fit you for shaft weight, bend profile, flex, torque, etc. based on measurements, not guesses. We’ve expanded our shaft offering to include more aftermarket options from Fujikura, Mitsubishi, Graphite Design, Accra, LA Golf and AutoFlex – as well as additional no-upcharge options from each club manufacturer.


The Rundown

A complete game assessment that uses all of our technology and expertise to help you understand your swing, putting stroke and equipment performance.

  • Foresight GC Quad launch monitor  – Ball Flight & Swing Dynamics
  • 3D Motion Wrist Sensors by HackMotion & DeWiz
  • Swing Catalyst High Speed Camera & Dual Motion Force Plates
  • Putting Stroke, Wrist & Tempo Metrics, Ball Roll Measurements
  • Equipment Assessment

Liberty Points

Earn points on every dollar you spend at Golf Liberty, and redeem them for rewards like store credit, merchandise, sessions and more.

Golf Liberty gear

Our signature gear is now in stock – towels, shirts, hats, pullovers and gloves.


Bring a friend, or two.


We encourage group bookings – from sharing a two hour fitting with a friend, to a custom full day studio experience with a small group, we’d love to host you at Golf Liberty.

Fittings only, does not apply to instruction/swing analysis. For custom booking inquiries including half-day and full-day experiences, please contact us at or text/call (647) 669-6142


Preserve Mental Health Foundation

A portion of all Golf Liberty sales are donated to the foundation, which funds and supports mental health treatment in the Toronto area.